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  • Shivers Equine DEFRA Type 2 Horse Transporter available to do both short and long journeys.


  • We offer a professional and safe service for across the equestrian industry from leisure riders and breeders to racehorse  trainers. 

  • 24 hour hire 365 days per year. 

  • State of the art 3.5t 2 stall Bloomfield Professional horsebox with long stall stallion partition.

  • Top quality part and full livery with fantastic facilities and care. Avaialable for short or long term with onsite schooling and coaching available.



Fantastic professional service, very sympathetic and helpful with a nervous traveller and an even more nervous owner! Would definitely recommend!

Donna 2017


Opening Hours

24hrs seven days a week

Emergency service available

Contact Details

The Board, Burnhope, Durham, DH7 0DP


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